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Wellness Policy

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The link between nutrition, physical activity, and learning is well documented. Healthy eating and activity patterns are essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being. Healthy eating and physical activity, essential for healthy weight, are also linked to reduced risk for many chronic diseases. Gans Public Schools has a responsibility to help students learn, establish, and maintain lifelong healthy eating and activity patterns. Well-planned and efficiently implemented school nutrition and fitness programs have been shown to enhance students’ overall health, as well as their behavior and academic achievement in school. Staff wellness also is an integral part of a healthy school environment since school staff can be daily role models for healthy behaviors.

All students at Gans Public Schools shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious food choices and enjoyable physical activities for a lifetime. All staff of Gans Public Schools is encouraged to model healthy eating and physical activities as a part of their daily life.

To meet this goal, the Gans School District adopts this wellness policy with the following commitments to nutrition, nutrition education, physical activity, and other-based activities that support student and staff wellness.












This School Wellness Policy adopted by the Board of Education of the Gans Public School District at the regularly scheduled meeting on this, the 10th day of August, in the year of 2015.

Jesse James

Melvin DuVaul


Smoking, distribution, and the use or possession of tobacco products or paraphernalia used with tobacco and tobacco products is prohibited on school property, in school vehicles, or at or going to or from any school-sponsored or authorized function.

It is specifically directed that this ban on the use of tobacco products will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will apply to all students, employees, visitors, and anyone providing service to the schools with the exception of training provided by __________ Technology Center is required by government contract. When required by government contract, the designated smoking area must be away from general traffic areas and completely out of sight of children under eighteen (18) years of age and can be used only by adults attending those training sessions.

Additionally, students are prohibited from possessing or distributing tobacco products or simulated tobacco products in school buildings, on school grounds, in school-owned vehicles, and at all school affiliated functions on or off school campus.

Employees are prohibited from use or distribution of tobacco products or simulated tobacco products in school buildings, on school grounds, in school-owned vehicles, and at all school affiliated functions on or off school campus.



Advertising of tobacco products on school property, school publications, and video-TV productions is prohibited. This prohibition also includes gear, paraphernalia, clothing, etc. that display and/or promote tobacco products.

Signs will be posted in prominent places on school property to notify the public that smoking or other use of tobacco products is prohibited. The success of this policy will depend on the cooperation and consideration of smokers/tobacco users and non-smokers/tobacco users. All individuals on school property share in the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing this policy. Those found in violation will be informed that they are in violation of board policy, and in the case of tobacco and/or tobacco products, state law. Any individual who observes a violation on school property may report it in accordance with the procedures listed below.

Students - Any violation of this policy by students will be referred to the site administrator. Site administration shall inform both students and parents that failure to comply with the policy may result in confiscation or paraphernalia and/or suspension from classes and school activities.

Employees - Any violation of this policy by staff will be referred to the appropriate supervisor. Continued violations will constitute willful neglect of duty and will be dealt with accordingly based on established policies and procedures for suspension, demotion, dismissal, and non-renewal of employee.

Visitors and General Public - Visitors who are observed smoking or using tobacco products on school district property will be asked to refrain from smoking or using tobacco on school property. If the individual fails to comply with the request, such violation of policy may be referred to the administrator or other school district supervisory personnel responsible for the area or program during which the violation occurred. The site administrator or supervisor shall make a decision on further action that may include a directive to leave school property. Repeated violations may result in a recommendation to the Superintendent to prohibit the individual from entering school district property for a specified period of time. If deemed necessary by the school administration, local law enforcement officials may be called upon to assist with enforcement of this policy with regard to removal of violators of this policy.

Adoption Date: March 9, 2015
Superintendent: Larry Calloway